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How to redeem points for discounts on the next rental?

STEP 1. Enter and log in with your Club Goldcar user name. Then click on "Club Goldcar".

STEP 2. Click on "Redeem Points".

STEP 3. You can redeem your points for discounts of €10 and €15 on your next holiday with Goldcar. For both discounts the procedure is the same, in this case we use as an example the €10 discount. Click on "Redeem Points".

STEP 4. To confirm the redemption of the points click on "Redeem" and then "Continue".


STEP 1. After redeeming the gift, a page will open with all your gifts and the corresponding codes for each one. If you're going to proceed with the booking, we recommend that you copy the code as later you will have to introduce it to apply it to your reservation.

STEP 2. To proceed with the booking, click on "RESERVE / START". If you're not going to proceed with the booking, remember that when you want to redeem the gift, you must log in with your Club Goldcar account.

STEP 3. When you have found and selected the vehicle you would like to hire, an APPLY CODE option appears. Enter the code that you have been given above and click "APPLY CODE".

STEP 4. Your discount has been successful.

STEP 5. If you want to remove the discount, it is very simple, you just have to mark it with the "X" and it will be removed instantly.

STEP 6. You can now finish the reservation. We hope you enjoy your experience with Goldcar car hire.

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