SOS - Road Assistance


24h. assistance 365 days a year

(+34) 91 536 82 51


24h. assistance 365 days a year

(+39) 02 582 405 94


24h. assistance 365 days a year

(+351) 221450472


24h. assistance 365 days a year

(+33) 0 800 35 4000



Don't forget that in the event of an accident, no matter how minor, you must complete the No-fault Accident Claim form and an ACCIDENT REPORT, both if there is opposition or not, and send the documentation to Goldcar within 48 hours.

  • Remember to fill out all of your data, in particular the name of the opposing driver, their personal identification number, telephone number, number plate, type of car, insurance company, policy number of the opposing vehicle and have it signed by both parties.
  • Any damage caused to the vehicle is an accident, no matter how minor and whether a third party is involved or not.
  • our vehicle can be damaged without opposition, with crashing into public and/or private objects causing said damage, which can cause claims and requires insurance companies to intervene.
  • Remember that we need the accident report, in all cases without opposition, as a consequence of using the vehicle, with minor damage, such as small scratches, scrapes, bodywork damage and similar.