How can I get the most out of Club Goldcar?

STEP 1. Enter: and click on "CUSTOMER AREA".

STEP 2. Enter your email address and password and click "Login".

STEP 3. You are now on your profile page.You can now access "My Goldcar", "My bookings" or "Club Goldcar".

In "My Goldcar" you can change your personal details and password. You also have direct access to the best activities in any city with a Goldcar office. Currently we have more than 77 offices in the main tourist destinations of countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Andorra, Malta, France, Greece, Croatia, the Netherlands and United Kingdom.

In "My bookings" you have access to all bookings you have done before: active reservations, previous bookings and cancelled reservations. You can see the details of them such as the number of the reservation, reservation cost, vehicle model, date and time of pickup, date and time of returning the car and office for collection and return of the vehicle ... You can also see your invoices and download them in a PDF.

At "Club Goldcar" you can consult, retrieve and redeem your points for great savings. You can also check your prizes and promotional codes.

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