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How do I apply for points from a previous booking?

To apply for points for previous reservations is necessary if the reservation has been made through intermediaries. For bookings that were made using the Goldcar page (, the points are added automatically so you don’t need to perform this process of recovering points from earlier reservations.

STEP 1. Enter: and log in with your Club Goldcar user name and click on "Club Goldcar".

STEP 2. Click on “Points Recovery ".

STEP 3. Note that the points can only be recovered when the reservation was carried out up to a maximum of 60 days previously. That is, reservations that have been made more than 60 days before may not recover points.

STEP 4. Enter the contract number and date of collection of the vehicle and click on "Check Agreement". Make sure the contract number and date are correct.

STEP 5. We have received your reservation details and you will shortly receive your points

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