What is the Flex Fuel System (Full-empty with fuel refund)?

It is the default fuel system associated with the Smart rate.

If you make payment with a credit card, the amount of fuel will be held as a deposit, and the costs of the operation and logistics will be charged separately, as well as the location costs (if applicable). When you return the vehicle, if the fuel has been used, the corresponding amount will be charged and the rest of the deposit will be returned. If the car is delivered with a full tank, we will refund the amount retained for the fuel.

If you make payment by debit card, when collecting the vehicle, the amount of fuel in the tank is paid for plus expenses for service and location. When returning the vehicle, Goldcar verifies the amount of litres of fuel that have not been used and it is refunded automatically. The non-refundable service costs correspond to a package of advantages attached to this booking system: fast return, not being obliged to refuel before returning the car, etc. Please note that it will be refunded to the same bank card that you used to pay for the Flex Fuel when you picked up the vehicle.

The price of this system depends on your destination office and the model of vehicle chosen. You can check the costs at this link: https://www.goldcar.es/en/sdr/

If you think you have not received the correct amount on your return, click here: https://www.goldcarhelp.com/en/faqs/69-how-to-check-if-the-collection-or-the-return-of-the-fuel-that-has-arrived-to-me-is-correct...

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