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Charge for non-compliance of the Full-Full System

According to the Goldcar Terms and Conditions a charge will be made in the following cases:

If the requirement of returning the car with a full tank is not fulfilled by the customer, the monetary amount corresponding to the amount of fuel need to fill the tank will be deducted from the deposit, in addition to a 50 Euro penalty, as stipulated in the liquidated damages clause.

Where the deposit is less than the amount owed, the customer agrees to the difference being charged to their credit/debit card, and subsequently to their bank account.

If you think that you returned the vehicle with a full tank and a mistake has been made, please send a petrol/diesel receipt to us as soon as possible. You can do so by opening an incident with the Customer Service Department who will then process it (the average waiting time may be more than 14 days during the high season, so please be patient!).

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