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What is an excess and how does it work?

What is an excess and how does it work?

An excess is the maximum amount (*) you would have to pay in case of damage to the vehicle.

When signing the rental contract, all or part of the excess (**) is withheld on the credit card. If you return the car without damage the amount retained is returned. In the case of returning the car with damages, we will charge an amount depending on the damage incurred, up to the maximum of the excess (except in cases of negligence).

Minimum retention (**) from €1,100 (depending on booking group)

Amount of customer liability (*) from €1,100 (depending on booking group)

Special terms of hire

NOTE: In case of payment by debit card, the amount of the excess will be charged at the beginning of the hire and, if you return the car without damages, we will refund the amount charged at the end of the term.

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