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How do you become a member of Club Goldcar?

Becoming a member of Club Goldcar is very simple and FREE, just follow these simple steps and in a few minutes you can start to enjoy special car rental offers and discounts.

STEP 1. Enter: and click on "CLUB".

STEP 2. Click on Become a Goldcar Club member

STEP 3. Fill out all the required fields: Name, Surname, E-mail and Password (you can enter any password you'd like). Then, click on "REGISTER ME". Don't forget to read and accept the privacy policy and click on receive all the latest news so you don't ever miss our special promotions for Goldcar Club members.

STEP 4. Congratulations! You're about to become a member of Club Goldcar. All that´s left is to validate the e-mail we´ve just sent you. Check your inbox (if it´s not in the mail, check the spam), open the mail and click "Confirm Sign-Up to Club Goldcar " and it will open the next Goldcar page:

STEP 5. Now you are a part of Club Goldcar and we welcome you with a discount. Using the coupon code you will get a 10% discount on your next hire.

HOW TO USE A DISCOUNT CODE? Click here and we will explain step by step.

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